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How To Choose A Good Caregiver?

Margaret Fox/ Caregiver

The list of caregivers is quite extensive, as there are more than 5000 registered in Spain alone. There are many options to choose from and can be easily filtered by location, by service (accommodation, walk or daycare), whether or not they have a dog at home, and if they have a garden or terrace.

When you click on a caregiver, his description appears some photos with his dog, the location, his services, and rates, as well as the availability. You can also see the average rating and the opinions of the clients, something that comes in handy to make an accurate decision.

By the mere fact of being registered in Gundog, we can have the confidence that they are professional people, that they love animals, and that they enjoy taking care of them. But which one to choose?

As I know that the decision to choose one or the other is not simple, I am going to suggest some characteristics that a good caregiver should have.

Calmed down. Any dog owner knows that with animals things do not always go according to plan. But a caregiver must remain calm even when the dog does not behave as expected. This is important so that the hairy does not feel the tension and react with anxiety.

Reliable. You are putting something significant in your hands, and that is why it is essential to be able to trust that person. How to know if a person is reliable if we do not do more than a few photos? Taking a look at the comments and ratings of other people who have left their dogs in their care.